Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Googoosh in the Classroom

Miss Talibonita was at Kim's Video again (trying to get one of those brat film students who work there to tell her the exact location of Josephine Baker films) when she stumbled onto this documentary on Googoosh: Iran's Daughter directed by Farhad Zamani (2000).

Naturally she felt elated and thrilled because she could bring some of her dance moves into the classroom.

Miss Talibonita was not prepared for this film at all!

She just looked up the reviews on amazon.com and apparently, many people felt the same. Googoosh was not in the film. Her son seemed good-spirited enough to be part of it, however, it was a very unflattering interview. He looked rather bored the entire time and absentminded.

Other than the appearance of critics Farzaneh Milaneh and Hamid Dabashi who added a layer of intellectualism, the film made Miss Talibonita laugh without meaning too and this in turn freed up her students to laugh as well. This of course can be disasterous, but good thing her students are so mature and sophisticated.

Beautiful classic footage of an Iranian Madonna (but more amazing -- perhaps an Iranian Cher sans the rib-removal and black electrical tape outfits she wore at age 50) were combined and turned into rather heavy-handed avant-garde (if that was what it was meant to be) video art (with some stray narratives) or something.
Miss Talibonita wants to say good things about it...


Um... the director admired Googoosh.

Anyway, Googoosh still shines through and makes it worthwhile to sit through the triple takes and repeats and odd jumps and overly-literary moments. Miss Talibonita does not understand why there were so many clips of Googoosh giving birth? Was she giving birth to the nation of Iran? Then the painful expression on her face is understandable!

Here is a great Googoosh clip from Iranian TVs:

She could be a yoga model! Even in her childhood clips, she was an amazingly muscular little person (must have been the acrobatic training she had).

Okay this will be the last Googoosh Oggling post!

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