Thursday, April 10, 2008

Madonna of Central Asia: Googoosh

Miss Talibonita is compiling this selection of Googoosh clips mainly for her students. They are very adorable beings but say very odd things like Hey, I had no idea Iran had streets!

Googoosh's parents came as refugees to Iran from Azerbaijian. This, almost unimportant fact, allows her to fit into the theme of this blog. She is U.S.-based now but remained in Iran until 2000 when she re-emerged. She can only be compared to Madonna.

And even though Miss Talibonita feels a little lame having to compile these images just to prove that a group of people knew what to do with concrete and bell-bottoms, it is all for the sake of education (and some nostalgia on her part).

This is Pre-1979 Iran (time of an opulent eurocentric King). And as you can see, disco is very much alive in Iran:

A clip of her singing at the royal palace for Reza Shah Pahlavi's birthday.

This one reminds me of Three's Company (Iranian blonde Janet dances with Larry):

Miss Talibonita has the best memories of this video. It was part of the Afghan videos her family used to buy from the shop that was also a meat market/bookstore/video store/rug shop/trinket shop all in a nice nook in Queens surrounded by pale blue buildings that all looked very similar to one another.

She watched this as a musical interlude to the films about war and suffering that the Mujahideen made and sold to refugees, so their kids could feel terribly guilty in their nice brick apartments in urban centers or in the basement of their suburban homes.

Googoosh is a Sufi mystic singing of love. There is a line that says "Let's escape from this nation..." which seemed to strike a cord with Afghans and Iranians, both leaving as refugees after revolutions in 1979 (except that one promoted atheism while the other promoted God) and Miss Talibonita wishes she could translate more but she's afraid someone will bust her for her faulty Farsi. This is one of her favorite songs (and hair styles!):


Rage said...

Oh wow. That first one is based on a song from Jesus Christ Superstar... the lyrics in the original are very tied to the main storyline, so I would love to know, faulty translation or otherwise, what she's singing about.

I love the little disco moves (tap knee, tap ankle, repeat) in that one. Solid gold!

Vain and Vapid said...

I'm glad they made sure to include the number of the video production company at the start of the first video cause seriously, you never know when you might need a good videographer. I may just call.

Love the Dorothy Hamill hair.

Talibonita said...

I forgot to respond to the first entry... yes I have no concept of time and space...

She says "Listen my companion on this journey to the story I have to say..."

Then I get ADD and can't pay attention. Something about a story -- is that JC Superstar?