Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Afghans

Miss Talibonita's first 8,760 hours of life was spent in a citrus city... a place that floated from the sheer power of orange blossom fragrance. And this was the first language poured into her ears. However, after years and years of migration and languages and fragmented cities, all Miss Talibonita knows of the Pashtu language is when to get bread or tea when guests come.

Naghma is a famous Afghan singer who sings in Pashtu. Miss Talibonita's father's gen seemed to have listened to Qamar Gul (a singer who never left Jalalabad even for recordings) a lot.

This youtube video features Nawib Orakzai (non shiny and moderately-hair-gelled-out) who revives Naghma and translates the original Pashtu into English. This is a very sweet attempt at making traditional Afghan songs danceable (perhaps at some dingy dank club in Germany...).

Miss Talibonita is putting up fun images in the Pashtu language because Western encounters with Afghanistan have always made Pashtuns seem overly-testosteroned out (see Vice Guide to Travel clip a few days ago) and made other Afghans seem more approachable. So a dash of dance music seems to do the trick in evening out that scale (well... Miss Talibonita is known to be a hyper-optimist).


Vain and Vapid said...

Hehehe, I like how you still have the bossiness of a professor in you and must first approve the comment before it is published. You grading my comments aren't you???? I'm afraid to ask what I got. Oh and BTW, Oliver thinks that Burka Blues video is fake, is it? Then again he thinks everything is fake, even the damn news. He's kind of a psycho. .... oh and you're so funny for linking to me right on top of your page.. Thanks! Although people might be expecting something slightly more cerebral coming from your blog. Sucks for them :)

Little Umbo said...

Yes the Burka Blues are REAL! They were on German television being interviewed! And there are others too -- there is also American Idol in Afghanistan -- Afghan Idol!

Well your blog is the coolest and it must be linked -- academia is never well-dressed ;) So they need to be guided towards the proper blog.

PPS: I do not grade comments ;) Only P/F no letter grading!

jane717 said...

You were born in Jalalabad?

Also, I recommend you put vet users on a white list so that their comments are automatically approved while new or anonymous users still have to wait for your approval.

Talibonita said...

Oh good tip! I have to get better at blogging. This started as a place to gather odd images.

Yep born in Jalalabad, the city that blossomed because of a Mughal king (Jalaludin Akbar or Akbar the Great 16th c.).