Friday, April 4, 2008

Speaking of Masculinity... The Orator a film by Yusuf Razikov (1998)

Miss Talibonita watched this film at the Central Asian Film Festival at the Walter Reade circa 2003. She went to see this film with an American scholar on Afghanistan's Turkistan and a Russian scholar (husband and wife). So she had some fabulous insight whispered into her ears during the film in regards to music/setting/history.

The Orator is based in Uzbekistan just when the Bolsheviks come in (1918).

Iskander inherits his brother's two wives, after he passes away. He has also returned home after getting married on his own. Just outside, a revolution is beginning that will disrupt this tranquil village love nest.

A very significant line in the film clip is when the Bolshevik says "While you are comfy with your wives, we are fighting to save you!" And in a retort that would make our favorite anti-colonialist theorist Franz Fanon applaud, Iskander says "I didn't ask you to save me. It looks like you need my help now."

Definitely odd scene with the wives... perhaps overly nostalgic for the good old days when men could marry and inherit so many pretty wives.

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