Sunday, April 27, 2008

Super Robo Cop vs Afghanistan

Iron Man, as a revived high-tech Knight in shining tin, slaughters the Taliban and escapes after being kidnapped in Afghanistan. Miss Talibonita saw the trailer first at a Kashmiri tea shop television (it was advertised on a Pakistani satellite television show) and wanted puke out the oily samosa she had just eaten.

So while he was held hostage in Tora Bora, he had the time and luxury to smelt some iron and cast himself a suit?

And they cast Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man? With his drug history, should he even be allow to go near Afghanistan?

PS: Miss Talibonita went to see it. It wasn't as bad as Talibonita thought! There is a pleasant Afghan intellectual who sacrifices himself to save Iron Man and builds the first heart gadget, which Iron Man later perfects. Terrorists are not shown as Afghans! Surprise, Surprise! And Miss Talibonita read an article on Robert Downey Jr. in Vogue that updated her on his post-druggie fully organic and herbalist friendly identity. So there there friends... she realizes Iron Man was a critique of the Vietnam War and now a critique of War Mongers in Afghanistan/Iraq etc. The best part of the film was his battle with Jeff Bridges (who is forever the star of TRON in Miss Talibonita's eyes). Tartarous the Noble pointed out that Jeff Bridges' new bad-guy-robot outfit was a lot like the bad guy in Tron he had to battle. Who knew aged once-heroes have to wear the bulky bad-guy robot outfits!

Yes, this calls for a clip from TRON (which is just deliciously random!)

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