Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who is Talbonita?

Miss Talibonita loves mushrooms, lives in a part of Brooklyn where Shish Kebab shops peep from every other block, and speaks a language she thinks makes too many "kliki" sounds in her mouth. She is also short and has small square feet.

Miss Talibonita teaches at a college in nyc... so she isn't very little at all. She teaches the very same inventory of images she is listing up here. She knows how to make lamb's head soup and is not afraid of looking right into the eyes of what she eats. She is bestfriends with labyrinthian libraries and sometimes, she dawdles onto stages for short-lived torrid affairs with the spotlight.

Miss Talibonita likes nonsense. Her favorite kind of nonsense is sometimes found in academic books or films that try to draw her face for her.

Miss Talibonita is at the worst part of her dissertation, the part where you come up with all the excuses in the world for why you are not writing the damn dissertation (maintaining a blog is one of them). However, her dissertation focuses on Central Asia... so this is a public way to gather her thoughts.

Most importantly, Miss Talibonita is an insomniac who does not care if she has made grammatical mistakes and, as you can see, Miss Talibonita has developed a blog-induced phobia of using that very powerful pronoun: "I".

Now, time for a random music video of a Turkistani girl singing in Farsi, the person who posted it on youtube says she is from Balkh. Balkh is in Northern Afghanistan and is known as Afghan Turkistan. Of course, you know that Uzbek, Kazak, Turkman, Kyrghiz, Uyghur (groups that make up Afghan Turkistan) are Turkic languages while Dari is Persian, right?

Not entirely sure what is going on with the little fat boy in this music video... but here it is with some revamping of the Uzbek traditional outfit for the dancers:


Vain and Vapid said...

Ok seriously, I know this kid!!! I swear to god. He hangs out in from of Luigi's Pizzeria on 8th ave between 25th & 26th!! I know because he is like 13 years old but I swear he actually had the nerve to whistle at me when I walked by. His dad owned the place and he sold Italian Ices outside sometimes. Trust.

Rage said...

I love these videos! They just throw any preconception that the uninitiated may have about "East", "South", and "Central" "Asian" right out the window.

Welcome (back?) to public writing...