Monday, May 26, 2008

CenAsians <3 Brooklyn

Miss Talibonita has been a Brooklyn girl ever since she was five and always thought that her Dari infused Turkestani language was something home brewed, something only spoken within the warm-womblike confines of her home. However, in the past five years, she's been pinned as a CenAsian at her local train station, supermarket, laundromat, 99 Cent Store, and pizzeria. Although, she cringes at hearing a CenAsian face speaking Russian (a side effect of being Afghan), she has been fascinated with these interactions.

Apparently, this side of Brooklyn, Shish Kebab Bay (named for fish shaped like kebabs), is a palimpsest of CenAsian footprints:

1950s: Bunch of Turks (as in from Turkey)
1960s: Bunch of Crimean Tatars
1970s: A Drizzle of Afghan Turkestanis
1980s: Tons of Afghan Turkestanis
1980s: Whole Lotta Turks (by the 90s most of the shish kebab shops were owned by Turks)
1990s: Bunch of Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Kazaks
2000s: Whole Lotta of Uzbeks (mostly here as caretakers or babysitters for Russian families)

*These facts are based on tea visits with elder CenAsians who told Miss Talibonita of "the first" Tatar or Uzbek or Afghan they remembered moving into the area. The info has not been fully verified or researched properly.

Miss Talibonita loves some CenAsian appreciation of her round face, however she has been presented with a matchmaking scheme at almost every one of these interactions. So let's make it public. "Yes Miss Talibonita is American. No she will not meet your brother/cousin/uncle/nephew/neighbor's nephew/third cousin's wife's little brother/ or whoever else out there male (or in male drag) to settle down with!"

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