Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Edge of Heaven Dir. Fatih Akin

Miss Talibonita just watched the latest film by Turkish German Director, Fatih Akin: The Edge of Heaven. It is playing at the Film Forum (wonderful cocoon of a place featuring Indie Films) until June 11th. So go see it now while you can!

The film was beautiful. Such incredible shots of Turkish landscape. After teaching Head-On this semester (which the students loved), it was great to see his latest film. Akin captures youthful defiance, loss, and the fragility of life in this film. Its a father-son / mother-daughter film. So bring a hanky if you are soft on these things. If you have a blood-sucking vamp for a mother (like Miss Talibonita) then you can get through dry-eyed at all those mommy scenes. No more can be said about this film without spoiling it for you. Note: Do not read too many reviews of the film before you see it. Just go and dedicate 2 hours and 15 min of your life to the film!

Akin's films do bring up one question: Why do the Turkish German characters end up returning to Turkey? (Wait is that a spoiler?)

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