Sunday, May 18, 2008

Xinjiang Kebabs in NYC

Miss Talibonita has been wading through a sea of articles to write and papers to grade... she had little CenAsian news, other than her own silly struggles such as a bad haircut in Chinatown followed by way too many conferences to attend and pretend to be smart.

Anyway, this weekend Miss Talibonita the brave stumbled upon a Xinjiang Kebab street cart on Main Street and 41 Ave (right where Kissena splits off) Flushing, Queens. For a $1 a stick of lamb or chicken, she had some amazing kebabs from back home!

Miss Talibonita could not tell if they spoke Uyghur, she did not try too hard, her mouth was all a drool from the heavenly smell (at least heavenly for the carnivorous at heart) of lambs grilling over an open fire.

Apparently, there is another Xinjiang Kebab cart in Manhattan:

Division St. , New York, NY 10002
at Forsyth St. $2 a kebab

If anyone knows anymore locations, pass it on! Its definitely Turkistani kebabs at its best!

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Vain and Vapid said...

What a deal. Now I am hungry. Do they take Euros?