Sunday, June 22, 2008

7 Songs Tag

The Super High Fashion Diva, Vain & Vapid tagged me to put up 7 songs and then to tag 7 people. Now, Miss Talibonita has a small blog circle, but here it goes:

1) 8bit (the electronic CenAsian musical Sufi master)

2) The Smiths: Ask

3) The Blow: Hey Boy

4) Le Tigre: Deceptacon

5) Gogoosh: Hejrat

6) Ahmad Zahir (the Afghan Elvis): Lailly Jan Jan

7) Setara: Dukhtar i Herat (Girl from Herat)

And these are my favorite CenAsian & American songs... yay! I am sure all put together sound like an odd mix. But that's whats on my ipod! Thanks Vain & Vapid for the fun tag!

I have to make some new friends to tag in the blogosphere.


jane717 said...

Oh my god... I love Setara!!!

It's such a shame that she was killed by mujahidin khar.

Talibonita said...

OMG that is the part I wasn't sure about. How tragic! She was my favorite as a little girl.

jane717 said...

Youtube comments are hilarious. In fact, the Afghan/Tajik/Uzbek videos in general are a joke. It really is frustrating trying to browse through the garbage to find decent videos.

In short, don't take anything on there seriously.