Monday, June 2, 2008

Adventures in Afghanistan for Boys: or the Predominance of Moustaches

Adventures in Afghanistan for Boys by Lowell Thomas (1928), one of Miss Talibonita's favorite book-finds (bought at Strand for $.50) is chock full of American pomp and bravado.

This book, written by the same 1920s moustached-journalist who made Lawrence of Arabia a household name, is definitely amusing to read.

Thomas visited Afghanistan under the reign of Amir Amanullah (1919-1929).

Here is our late Amir in his tennis suit hanging out with members of cabinet (he is the one with the moustache, first one on the left).

This photo was taken about the same time as Thomas' visit to Afghanistan. Unforunately, even after being a guest at the Western oasis in an "Oriental" land, the palace, Thomas did not portray a flattering image of Afghanistan. At least he was a little better than the Canadian journalist (and contemporary) Gordon Sinclair who called Waziristan "The Homeland of Homicide".

Here is a clip found on youtube with Lowell Thomas narrating a show on America's growth and potential in the 20s.

What a collection of moustached men! Eat your heart out Tom Selleck!


Naomi said...

LOL! funny guys with moustaches rock!!

sunnyd said...

I see your Tom Selleck and raise you a David Hasslehoff....

Vain and Vapid said...

You need to add a picture of the dudes from Chips (or basically any American male photographed in the 70's). Hi Zoob!