Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ariana Delawari: Lion of Panjsher

Miss Talibonita is loving this band: Lion of Panjsher, named after the late Ahmad Shah Masood. Ariana Delawari has spent quite some time in reconstruction-era Afghanistan spreading love and understanding through music. If beauty is as beauty does... then she is the perfect example.

And here she covers Madonna's "Crazy for You." In this video she connects LA with Kabul (so beautiful!)


Indie Ear said...

Nice. I linked you. The "Crazy for You" video is unfortunately down. I can't find it anywhere either. Let me know if you do!

Talibonita said...

Hey thanks for the link! That is a great article, I will repost here as well. The video apparently got a lot of angry responses from Afghan men so it was pulled down. How unfortunate that there are such negative voices out there to overpower her message of love and making connections.