Sunday, October 19, 2008

Uzbek Pop Music

This one is my favorite so far... Miss Talibonita is a bit ignorant. Is Uzbekistan just like the U.S.? Uzbeks play basketball and become cheerleaders? Or is it that music videos are the same wherever you turn? But this is a cute song... a duet about first love. Of course, the video was chosen because the "crush" is a teacher:

And then this... what a cute little boy duo! Is that a trailer park out there in the steppes? Miss Talibonita just wants to bite their little 8 year old "mamadana" cheeks! They dream of driving cars and taking cute girls out but alas, they cannot even read yet! Yes those are the lyrics.

OMG! Further youtube investigations produced this... the little boys were doing a funny remake of this video... (now it makes sense!). In this song the boys are illiterate in the earlier one the boys haven't read yet. Okay, is there an illiteracy problem we have to address? It is a very cute song!

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