Monday, November 3, 2008

Letters from Kabul from Kabul 1966-1968

From New Jersey to Kabul. I made that trek the other way, from Kabul to New Jersey. Half of my childhood was spent in Parsippany, NJ that had its own enclave of Afghan Americans. So this was lovely to find on youtube. This is the story of Janice Minott's collection of letters from her stay in Afghanistan from 1966-1968. Her husband was Director for the Peace Corps. Here is her description of her project:

As a suburban wife and mother, I lived for two years there with my husband and three young children, at a time when this small, unknown country was just opening its doors to the twentieth century, and westerners commonly thought Afghanistan was somewhere in Africa.

The fifty letters in Letters from Kabul cover twenty two months that my family was there from June 1966 through March 1968.

During that time, we lived in a spacious mud-brick house inside a walled compound in Sherpur, one of the older sections of the city...

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