Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Uyghur Poet Queen

This movie is based on the life and work of Amannisahan who is a writer,poetess,musician and queen of the Yarkend(Yeken) Uyghur kingdom in 16th century. Educated by her father, a distinguished musician of his time, and supported by her husband Abdurishithan,the king of Yarkend Uyghur kingdom, she devoted her life to the collection and promotion of Uyghur music/Uyghur 12 muqam.
The movie was made in 1994.
(Duldul601 Posted this on Youtube)

Miss Talibonita just loved this clip of a movie she found on youtube. As you can tell, she's been watching a lot of Central Asian films on youtube or googlevid! Her dad set it up so the computer is connected to a large flatscreen tv. Its just the blurriness that is slightly irritating, but hey its free movies on Sundays!

Miss Talibonita has no idea where to find this movie. If you have any leads, pass it on. The dancing lady is awesome! Its funny that the colonizing Chinese ambassador falls in love with the dancer. Y'all know that Uyghurs are another one of China's oppressed minorities, right? Except that China uses the convenient post-911 "Islamic Radicals" line to excuse their behavior.

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