Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation Time

Miss Talibonita is water skiing in a tutu and tiara!

Okay, we're all allowed to dream a little...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Move over Xena, Setora Uzbek Woman Warrior is here!

Setora, the Uzbek pop singer, discovers an ancient book set in 1219. She has some kind of a flashback to when Jingiz Khan massacres the Khawarzam Kingdom (Northern Afghanistan). In this massacre three girls survive the massacre. They are saved by a priest who raises them to be bow & arrow warrior women who can dance in the rain with their swords!

8Bit Release of The Dead Tracks

The CenAsian Heart Throb, the Vein of the Steppe, the Eternal Urban Sufi re-releases his classic underground electronic music produced in the bowels of Brooklyn. The Dead Tacks can be purchased at iTunes (just click on the iTunes bar to see the album):

8-Bit - Dead Tracks

Dead Tracks (d'ed - ch'rakz) :

abandoned traintracks that
extend throughout the entire borough of Brooklyn in New York. Before
Trance, Jungle, and before the genre and Rave scene exploded onto the
mainstream the first techno outlaw parties in the United States
occured at these tracks.

Here is an interview with him at Wire to the Ear:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Schizo directed by Guka Omarova

Miss Talibonita and her Po-Co students are watching this beautiful film by Omarova. Co-written by Sergei Bodorov, its a wonderful follow up to the trip to see Mongol. The soundtrack is similar to Mongol. The best reason for showing this 2004 film is to break the romanticism for the harsh yet beautiful Central Asian steppes. The landscape in this film is littered by incomplete architectural projects by the Soviet Union. Lots to say about this... stay tuned! The lovely students said that this film was their favorite in a list of wonderful films screened in class. Especially after watching Mongol.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Short Horror Film from Afghanistan

Yikes! As if the reality of Afghanistan (three decades of war) was not horrific enough, Mustafa Mirza directed this very frightening short film. Miss Talibonita is easily scared and now that she watched it so late, she may not be able to sleep at all! But here it is... the story was written by Aman Mojadidi (an excellent writer!).

A Sufi Tale

Don't watch it at night if you are a scaredy cat like Miss Talibonita...