Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lida Abdul: Afghan Performance Artist/Filmmaker on Youtube

Lida Abdul's vision is just gorgeous! Who else would wear a veil and glitter up her tongue?! Here is an interview with her showing her work at the Tate Modern:

This is Lida talking about her work at the Brooklyn Museum March 2007. Why does she look so annoyed? They didn't do the best job introducing her and the AV staff was mouthing off in the back instead of putting up her material. Miss Talibonita thought Lida was going to go behind the curtain and bitchslap them all into submission. Luckily for them, she didn't and went on with her talk. In this recording she talks about her early work in the 1990s and her later work in Afghanistan:

This is a photo of her performance work: ICE
She said this piece was the most physically exhausting pieces she's ever done. But it is cathartic. She pulls and pushes the ice on the Afghan carpet till it is completely melted and then pours ash over it. Gorgeous!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Subtitles Please!

No, this has nothing to do with CenAsian things but its so hilarious! Miss Talibonita could not resist posting this clip from (not sure what show this is from!). Although, definitely a few years old. Thanks to Tartarous the Noble for passing it on!

Eurasian Eyes

Its 1986, Corey Hart ventures out into the Eurasian Tundra (or maybe its just some place in Canada) in search of "Eurasian Eyes". Wild Horses come together as he searches, searches and searches for "Eurasian Eyes"!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miss Talibonita is Back!

If you open Miss Talibonita's secret diary, you will find this sequin-happy Afghan songstress still dancing her westernized heart out. Why is she so blurry? Its from the tears Miss Talibonita sheds each night for the lost disco idols of Kabul!