Monday, April 6, 2009

Sevginator (Not Terminator its the Love-inator) Uzbek Film does it again!

So Sevginator is an Uzbek film (2007) that is just my favorite freakie deakie film. Its the story of a timid professor (ahem!) who begins teaching at the university. The students are out of control and totally abuse her. Some science geek (the cute dude in all the movies) falls in love with her and makes an android of his professor in his attic apartment! (Yes, as you can tell, it is the boy's rescue the cute professor fantasy) Its Weird Science Uzbek style but ends in marriage not an overly sexual party that goes wrong:

He makes his own wife! Its amazing what some rolls of saran wrap, metallic fabric and a clear plastic pod can do for this young Uzbek genius.

The domesticated android gives up metallic fabric for traditional Uzbek dress and muses on the meaning of marriage:

Android professor has set the students and the principal straight:

And in a final twist of feminist gusto, the android girl he creates, not only kicks the butt of all the students and sets them straight (using her laser eyes and martial arts skills) but she also creates a husband for herself via the saran wrap, plastic clear pod and metallic fabric. So everyone lives happily ever after.

No subtitles! But it doesn't matter... their gestures say it all! And who says the Silk Road is all tea houses, camels, pretty Uzbek girls with gold teeth and their hairs in 16 braids?

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