Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hangama and an 80s Girlhood in Queens

There is nothing like a few Hangama videos to celebrate the coming of summer:

For Miss Talibonita, 80s Hangama reminds me of Flushing, Queens and picnics at the park just behind the Queens Botanical Garden.

Teen cousins lined up near the mirrors curling their hair in big curlers trying to get Hangama/Googoosh hair, while we, the younger children, were pushed away from all the fanfare of prepping for weddings. Their imitation of her hairstyle was so effective that each year one girl married all in a row, just as they had wanted.

This one is a repeat but definitely, someone put up a better quality 80s Hangama video. Not entirely sure why a trout comes out and takes the hook right over her face, but there's intrusive special effects again!