Friday, October 16, 2009


Nothing like a sick day to keep me internet-tuned all day. Here are some of my discoveries:

2007, Shahzoda (Yes yes, Miss Talibonita is two years late!) Love the romanticism for the yurt and no-epidural birthing days on the steppes of CenAsia!

This is a beautiful song full of blessings and protection (like what aunties say when you go visit them except she's all sexy and you want to look like her!). And Miss Talibonita is not sure if this is right... but can you say a dude is hot while he's doing namaz? (Eeeeek I hear lightening getting ready to strike...) Miss Talibonita loves the other message of ending corruption in Uzbekistan... (who knew she was so political!) The question is... Who is that Arab dude in the back responding to her Salaam? (And why is it so funny to see him there?)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nancy Agram

Not Central Asian -- but this Arab Pop Star is just beautiful and Miss Talibonita loves this vision of vintage America through director Leila Kanaan's eyes.