Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Headache...

So Miss Talibonita has been debating her name. For some reason she feels ready to stop talking in the 3rd person and to reveal her name. But still debating on that one...

Is it me, or has the last months of 2009 given everyone a headache? (Okay, ready to speak in first person -- at any moment may switch back to the 3rd person)

Afghanistan... new troops for longer occupation?!?!

Feminist groups foaming at the mouth because they want troops to STAY?!!

Oil pipeline still a possibility?

Quarrels with Afghans in the diaspora because Afghan men still act condescending towards Afghan women speaking about politics?!!

No wonder I was talking in the 3rd person! Who can speak directly when so much passive and many times aggressive sexism still lurks even in the most progressive sectors. Please stop proving to me how progressive you are cause your wife wears a short skirt -- you still can't man up and face the fact that Afghan women can spark back political talk double fast... alas who listens?

More on the headaches later...

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