Friday, January 28, 2011

Owner of a Lonely Blog

Dear dear dear!

Ever since I tried writing in the first person entries have been evaporating before I even think of logging on and writing. But to be honest -- there hasn't been much Central Asian production out there in 2010 land. However, I have found some fantastic sparks that has re-inspired me to return and blog blog blog my little Turko-Eurasian heart away!

But first things first -- it's the dissertation you know. It has taken over my life and I am a few steps from well, you know how it is, I am just a few steps away from writing the first few sentences of the chapter before chapter one... you know... my name and the title of the work!

laugh laugh wink wink

I am off to fiddle with theorists. I will be back very soon lonely mistressless blog to tend to your blank white possibilities.

Till then I should just say -- here are some books you should read:

One Story, Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature Ed. Zohra Saed and Sahar Muradi (University of Arkansas Press, 2010)

Halal Pork & Other Stories by Cihan Kaan (UpSet Press, 2011)

Yes I was involved in both -- as editor for one and as publisher for the second!
Let's hear it for some new Central Asian material that is cool!

There very simple endorsement -- read this buy this listen to this and look forward to this. Otherwise, the harm statement is, remain eternally dull and ho-hum.

Till soon my lonely blog!

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